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SSOP28 TSSOP28 to DIP28 Programming Socket Pitch 0.65mm IC Body Width 4.4mm 173mil OTS-28-0.65-01 Flash Test Socket Adapter

Price: 8.98 USD

100PCS HT1621B SSOP48

Price: 12.7 USD

AO4606 MT4606 4606 100PCS

Price: 8.46 USD

New TSOP56 Opentop Programming Socket IC Test Socket Flash Burn in Socket Adapter High Quality Eletronic for RT809H programmer

Price: 18.26 USD

PCB Board for QFP64 TQFP64 LQFP64 Clamshell Structure Programming Socket Breakout board

Price: 17 USD

HAT2028RJ 2028 SOP-8 10PCS

Price: 7.94 USD

OZ9976GN SOP-16 50PCS

Price: 73 USD

TQFP100 FQFP100 QFP100 to DIP100 Programming Socket OTQ-100-0.5-09 Pitch 0.5mm IC Body Size 14x14mm Test Adapter

Price: 15.98 USD

50PCS LX6503AID LX6503 SOP-16

Price: 26.45 USD

50PCS MPU-6050 MPU6050 QFN24

Price: 50.78 USD

3 PCS SFU2505 ball screw +6 PCS HGR25 guide rail +12 PCS HGH25 slider for XYZ axis and its supporting products

Price: 2558.16 USD

2016 New Design 1000mw Large Area Mini DIY Laser Engraving Engraver Machine Laser Printer Marking Machine

Price: 108.89 USD

AFT05MS031NR1 AFT05MS031N R1 AFT 05MS031NR1 AFT5M31N AFT 5M31N TO-270-2

Price: 11.39 USD

C1946A 2SC1946A 2SC 1946A 2SC1946 A

Price: 10.4 USD

Best Quality 700MM 40W Co2 Laser Tube for Engraver Cutting Machine + Water Pipe + Kafuter Silicone Rubber Glue

Price: 83.72 USD